The Way I Feel
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The Way I Feel

Check out Craig's debut cd "The Way I Feel" which is now available in stores and online. It was produced by Tom McKillip(Aaron Pritchett) and is packed with stellar songs, including his first Canadian, Europeon and Australian released single "Love's Hard". Order your copy today!

  1.   Say The Word (3:22)
  2.   Good Rain (4:00)
  3.   Love's Hard (3:29)
  4.   Plain Ol' Pain (3:21)
  5.   The Way I Feel Right Now (3:06)
  6.   Remember Me (3:47)
  7.   Heavy Metal (3:02)
  8.   Just Some Love (2:58)
  9.   It's All Over Me Now (3:27)
  10.   You (3:12)
  11.   Lonely (3:24)

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