Cowboy Ways
$20.00 CAD

Cowboy Ways

Cowboy Ways is a CD compilation of original songs about cowboy life and country living. There are also three traditional covers on the album. Musicians include Roy Warhurst and Myron Szott on fiddle, Bob McGillivray on blues harp, Bryan Bradfield on dobro and lap steel, and Les Kesler on bass.

  1.   Vaquero (3:02)
  2.   BSE Blues (3:11)
  3.   Cherokee Shuffle (2:08)
  4.   Cowboy Ways (2:59)
  5.   The Curse of the Lost Lemon Mine (2:59)
  6.   Skimmerhorn Waltz (3:14)
  7.   Where the Country Never Ends (3:32)
  8.   Memory Mountains (4:26)
  9.   Windy Bill (2:35)
  10.   Mama Cow Blues (3:22)
  11.   Shenandoah (5:10)

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