Turn On The Radio
$9.99 CAD

Turn On The Radio

This is the new CD for SK recording artist Tommy John Ehman! The exciting new album was produced by Brian Joseph Dobbs who has carefully crafted Tommy's new songs into his most molodic and intense record yet. Tommy sings with passion and commitment and the songs come more alive with each verse and chorus. A treasure from start to finish!

  1.   A Regular Girl
  2.   Turn On The Radio
  3.   I'm Coming Home
  4.   Moments In Time
  5.   T-Shirt
  6.   I'm Not Giving Up
  7.   Life Is A Party
  8.   I Can't Stay Away From You
CD - Tee Combo Pack
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CD - Tee Combo Pack

Turn On The Radio CD/T-Shirt Combo Pack. Save by ordering the new CD and the new Tee at the same time!! Tee is a cool black color and comes in Medium, Large and XL.

Turn On The Radio - Tee
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Turn On The Radio - Tee

Check out this great new TJE Tee!! Cool black, 100% cotton, printed on both sides with the new TJE Logo on the back. Comes in Medium, Large and XL. A great looking T-Shirt for the well-dressed TJE fan!!

Wheels of Life
$9.99 CAD

Wheels of Life

Wheels of Life - The fouth CD for Saskatchewan recording artist Tommy John Ehma released in 2008. A country/alternative album of 11 songs that explore his thoughts on his country Canada and the patriotism we all need to show.

Just click your way to this new and exciting release and it will be shipped promptly right to your door!

The album was produced by Brad Prosko (Faster Gun/Wheat Monkeys) at his B-Rad Studio in Regina, SK Canada. The new disc features such musical heavyweights as Jason Heistad, Jack Semple, Dave Chobot and Garry Tallent of the legendary Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Quite a line-up of talent!!

 Don't miss this brand new release. You won't be disappointed!

Track Listing:

  1.   Wheels of Life (3:54)
  2.   Stand Up For Your Country (3:56)
  3.   Jack And The Letters Home (4:22)
  4.   When The Walls Come Down (4:11)
  5.   I'm A Soldier (3:35)
  6.   Walk A Little Lighter With Me (4:27)
  7.   A Hill Of Beans (4:54)
  8.   Song For A Soldier (3:38)
  9.   Red, White And Red (4:36)
  10.   Flo's Bar And Grill (4:41)
  11.   Faith And Freedom (3:34)
$6.99 CAD


Like Father; Like Son - CD
The first solo release for independent Canadian singer/songwriter (and frontman for recording artists Idle Rains) Tommy John Ehman
Contains 13 original songs dedicated to rural and farm families from Saskatchewan and Canada.
A truly "Canadian" CD!

  1.   Little Piece of Dirt (3:46)
  2.   Intro: (Like Father; Like Son) (0:58)
  3.   Like Father; Like Son (3:53)
  4.   We Are The People (4:46)
  5.   Seeds (5:09)
  6.   My Daddy's Land (5:31)
  7.   Kings and Queens (Love is a Combine) (4:31)
  8.   Massey Ferguson All Night Combine Blues (4:46)
  9.   My Ground (4:52)
  10.   I Like To Eat (4:18)
  11.   Dirt Roads And Combine Dust (4:30)
  12.   Cowboy Ride Away (4:29)
  13.   Dusty Road (4:47)
  14.   Could You Leave All This Behind (4:02)
$5.99 CAD


To The Wall is the second release for Tommy John Ehman's band IDLE RAINS. Released in 2002, this collection of 10 original songs written and recorded by Tommy and longtime music partner David Evans at Audio Art Studios in Saskatoon, SK, is a nice blend of roots rock and alternative country music. Very easy on the ears and suitable for listeners of all ages!

  1.   To The Wall (4:02)
  2.   Uncover My Heart (2:56)
  3.   Far Away And Hard To Catch (4:39)
  4.   Carry On (6:31)
  5.   Shadowlands (3:33)
  6.   This Is My Life (3:31)
  7.   Coming Alive (3:38)
  8.   Break It (4:47)
  9.   Romance, Luck and Lies (3:55)
  10.   Feet On The Ground (2:39)
$5.99 CAD


"Wasted Nights" was released in 1996 and is the first album from Idle Rains. Produced by Idle Rains and Grant Hall at Touchwood Studios in Regina, SK, it contains 10 original songs written by Tommy John Ehman. Great country rock with an electric edge!

  1.   If I Trapped You (2:39)
  2.   Me And Jesus Made It Rain (4:12)
  3.   Crushed (3:41)
  4.   Nothin' (5:11)
  5.   Rip It Up (3:45)
  6.   Wasted Nights (3:53)
  7.   Come Into My World (4:34)
  8.   I'm After You (3:54)
  9.   Union Of The Heart (4:09)
  10.   Burnin' It Down (3:48)
Saskatchewan's Alive - CD Single
$2.99 CAD

Saskatchewan's Alive - CD Single

Saskatchewan's Alive (2005) - CD single
A heart-warming musical tribute to Saskatchewan celebrating it's 100th birthday.
Can be enjoyed by people of all ages!

  1.   Saskatchewan's Alive (2005) (3:53)

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