Turnin' Heads 2008
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Turnin' Heads 2008

PRE-ORDER Rob's sophomore album at this special price to be one of the first to receive it as soon as it is released!

An 11 track album includes Just Walk Away, a song licensed by HBO for a docudrama show, Hard to be an Outlaw, a track written by Deric Ruttan and suited perfectly to Rob Russell's pure country style!



  1.   Too Damn Young (3:48)
  2.   Just Walk Away (3:23)
  3.   Cowgirl Love (3:03)
  4.   Good Ol Bad Boy Better (2:40)
  5.   Down a road You've Never Been (3:31)
  6.   Mr Rodeo - remix (3:46)
  7.   Good Boots (3:18)
  8.   Let You Go (3:15)
  9.   Don't Want To Talk About It (2:53)
  10.   Too Much Information (3:54)
  11.   Hard to be an Outlaw (3:25)
Debut Album - Raw Country Music
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Debut Album - Raw Country Music

Rob Russells debut album,brings a refreshing combination of new country sound with a traditional tone. A country artist with a natural powerful voice, is sure to raise some eyebrows and capture radio listeners attention with the single Willie B Boogie, a tune with some punch! Strong lyrics, based on a true story, about an old moonshiner back in Tennessee.

  1.   Beer Bottle Brown (3:22)
  2.   Mr. Rodeo (3:37)
  3.   Our Guardian Angel (3:36)
  4.   The Old Man (3:31)
  5.   High Price to Pay (3:13)
  6.   Willie B Boogie (3:15)
  7.   Still Going Down (3:44)
  8.   A Silent Movie (3:27)
  9.   Be My Bride (3:35)
  10.   The Rock in the Sand (3:35)

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Raw Country Music 304 Prestwick Heights SE Calgary, AB T2Z 4H7 Canada rawcountrymusic@shaw.ca www.robrussell.ca
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