Prairie Roots Grow Deep
$15.00 CAD

Prairie Roots Grow Deep

Prairie Roots Grow Deep is about farmers, about leaving and returning home, about change on the prairie landscape, about longing for open skiy, about people who make the prairies thier home, it's about being Canadian.

The Prairie Roots Grow Deep album carries a real diverse sound which was recorded without any drum tracks, but used different percussion effects such as a washboard, the back of guitar cases, wooden spoons, tamborines, etc.

All songs are written by Johnny and it's hoped that if you have ever spent time in the prairies, you will relate to this album in some way, and if you have never been to the prairies, it will encourage you to visit that part of Canada in the future.

Shipping Source

Johnny Johnson P.O. Box 451 Nelson, BC V1L 4EO Canada
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