The Laws Live @ the Camp St. Cafe
$20.00 CAD

The Laws Live @ the Camp St. Cafe

Recorded June 2005 @ the Camp Street Cafe in Crockett, Texas.

An intimate show with John and Michele and  a couple of guitars.

Another Road
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Another Road

Another Road follows The Laws musical journey from the heartbreak of loneliness on Let's Pretend, to newly found love on I'm Falling. Their musical diversity is truly evident: they're as much at home singing Lovers Tune (recorded live on one mic), an appalachian-tinged acapella song, to Another Road, a country song that Willie Nelson would be right at home with.

  1.   Six String And A Song (3:49)
  2.   Texas Callin' (2:47)
  3.   Long Way From Gone (4:14)
  4.   Let's Pretend (3:28)
  5.   Wondering If There's More (3:10)
  6.   I Turn To You (3:13)
  7.   I'm Falling (2:48)
  8.   Another Road (3:46)
  9.   Dreams (3:31)
  10.   Your Only One (4:09)
  11.   Lovers Tune (1:56)
$20.00 CAD


Two is The Laws second CD and features more country-tinged writing - Two was one of Country Music News' top 10 CDs of 2002.

  1.   Shelter Me Brother (3:10)
  2.   Heartache And Booze (3:24)
  3.   Watching Over Me (3:43)
  4.   Let's Hit The Road (3:06)
  5.   Away (4:47)
  6.   Patterson's Curse (3:19)
  7.   Holes In My Shoes (2:56)
  8.   Not In Two (3:32)
  9.   Breakin' That Chain (2:51)
  10.   Elijah (4:43)
Estimated Time Of Revival
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Estimated Time Of Revival

The Laws first CD, Estimated Time of Revival is a stripped down acoustic collection of original songs. ETR was on the top rotation with the Galaxie satellite network and djs across the country.

  1.   Hobo Trail (2:44)
  2.   Estimated Time Of Revival (3:15)
  3.   Waiting Out The Storm (3:34)
  4.   Willow And The Dove (2:43)
  5.   Trail Of Diamonds (4:14)
  6.   Stayin' Up Late (2:45)
  7.   Stone, Glass & Wood (4:26)
  8.   One Track Mind (2:50)
  9.   Believe Our Love (4:10)
  10.   Dust Off Our Dreams (4:15)
The Laws Cookbook
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The Laws Cookbook

The Laws Live and Cookin?: Recipes, Road Stories and Songs

?Easy Gourmet? would best describe the recipes in The Laws cookbook. Fresh pasta, seafood and ?comfort food? recipes that are simple to prepare and delicious ? hey, even a musician can make them!

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