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 CCMA award winner, Sean Hogan, fresh from beating his battle with cancer, releases his sixth studio album, aptly titled “Phoenix.”

Hogan was just weeks away from releasing this latest original collection, when he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of neck cancer. “I felt rocked, but I knew if I was meant to continue I would,” commented Hogan. The indefatigable Hogan has since regained strength, and his spirit is rising as he sets to release “Phoenix.”

The soulful, 10 song collection has already had Top 10 acceptance nationwide at radio, with "Travel Plans" marking his 18th music video to CMT. The self-written track, “Better Angels Prevail”, a Top 40 hit and power duet with Bekka Bramlett, was mixed by Kevin Churko (Shania Twain and Ozzy Osbourne).

Hogan's new album, "Phoenix," promises more than one opportunity to show that even when someone has gone down in flames to illness, resurrection is always possible when the spirit is willing to fly.

  1.   Ain't You Got Better Things
  2.   We Never Had To Say Goodbye
  3.   Make It Look Easy
  4.   Not Just Any Bull
  5.   Phoenix
  6.   One Kiss From You
  7.   Better Angels Prevail
  8.   A Song We Can Sing To
  9.   Something Beautiful
  10.   Travel Plans

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