Only When You're Lonely - CD
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Only When You're Lonely - CD

"Only When You're Lonely", the highly anticipated third album from Alberta's own, Craig Moritz.

Boasting 16 tracks produced by Music Row's one-to-watch producer, Eddie Gore, the album features seven compelling tracks written or co-written by Moritz. The third album showcases a more mature Moritz with heartwarming tracks like ‘You Should've Seen Her This Morning,' 'I'm Your Man,' and 'With You,' while still incorporating Craig's trademark tongue and cheek wit on tracks like 'Stage Five Clinger,' 'Only When You're Lonely and 'Drinkin' and Dialing.'

Craig's main goal with his third project was to give fans value for their hard-earned money, which is why he opted to stack the album with 16 quality songs. In addition, he wanted to ensure the album offered 'something for everyone' qualities while still showcasing all sides of his personality - a fun-loving, witty, caring, family-oriented party-master.

  1.   Only When You're Lonely "The Booty Call Song"
  2.   Work For Beer
  3.   Better Than That
  4.   Girl In The Check Out Line
  5.   You Shoulda Seen Her This Morning
  6.   If I Were A Pirate
  7.   I'mYour Man
  8.   With You
  9.   Stage Five Clinger
  10.   Drinkin' And Dialin'
  11.   No Fun Haters
  12.   Tambourine
  13.   Still In Love With You
  14.   On The 8th Day
  15.   Wrong, Right?
  16.   Danny's Song (Bonus)

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