Shelly Dubois CD - I'm Not Lookin' Back
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Shelly Dubois CD - I'm Not Lookin' Back

This is Shelly's debut album.  Since it's release, it's seen several songs played locally, nationally and internationally on indie radio, internet radio, as well as college and university stations.  Her songs "About Men" and "I'm Not Lookin' Back" have been very popular on the airwaves as well as at Shelly's live shows. 

  1.   I'm Not Lookin' Back (3:10)
  2.   She Knows A Better Life Now (4:12)
  3.   Harmony (4:33)
  4.   It's Time For Leavin' (3:50)
  5.   Since I Met You (3:38)
  6.   About Men (3:01)
  7.   She Will Make It Through It All (4:46)
  8.   Watch The Ocean By Moonlight (2:41)
  9.   One Day (4:33)
  10.   It's Not My Time (4:10)
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