Mother (2009)
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Mother (2009)

Five new songs about a profound love story told through a Mother’s voice

About some of the songs…

I Heard Her Call
When LeRae was admitted to the hospital, I felt like I was in an imaginary whirlwind, like a hurricane. However, within moments of her admission I entered the eye of this storm and what I thought of as the “still point”. From this place, I heard her call. She called for love, strength, faith, and God’s grace. What we received was what I experienced as a mystical, magical, miracle.

Celebrate You
This song was inspired after witnessing the near-death of our daughter LeRae, hearing about the tragic accident involving some young basketball players, and the passing of Tecla Merlo Frassetto,
my “second mom”.

Ten Thousand Wild Horses
How would a mother react to her daughter’s passing? How would she break such tragic news to her son? Any parent who has been in a similar situation understands the heart-shattering feelings and
the overwhelming flood of questions that fill one’s mind. When I sat with my son at the end of another long day at the hospital, he asked me, “Is she going to die?” I held him close and then I saw
her ride… that night I wrote the rest of this song.

The CD also includes Rainbow Woman, The Colour of My Voice, and The Dancer

  1.   I Heard Her Call
  2.   Rainbow Woman
  3.   The Colour of My Voice
  4.   The Dancer
  5.   Celebrate You
  6.   Mother
  7.   Lit From Within
  8.   Ten Thousand Wild Horses

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