Lost In The Metaphor
$15.00 CAD

Lost In The Metaphor

2008 SOCAN Award winner, Troy Kokol's debut CD - "LOST IN THE METAPHOR" - Signed by the Artist

  1.   She's Got An Ass That Won't Quit
  2.   Love On Your Mind
  3.   Honky Tonk In Heaven
  4.   Lost In The Metaphor
  5.   Garfunkel
  6.   You Were Mine
  7.   The Fall
  8.   Watching You Walk Away
  9.   Angel Lies
  10.   Pickup Truck

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Reluctant Cowboy Music 4607 15 Ave N.W. Calgary, AB T3B 0L8 Canada catalogue@reluctantcowboymusic.com www.reluctantcowboymusic.com
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