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Tracey Brown’s new c.d., “Alone” is now available with first single, “If You Wanna Keep My Love” will be sent to radio in Sept.

"Alone” marks Tracey’s second solo c.d. and her 21st overall release.  The album is filled with songs recorded from Nashville to the Bathouse and Lakeside Studios.  The c.d. has a strong collection of songs including the title cut “Alone”, written by Barry Brown & Dave McConnell. Tracey recorded one of her favourite  Roy Forbes songs, “Let Me Make It Up To You Tonight”, a jazzy, smooth feel to a timeless ballad. She and husband, Randall Prescott co-wrote the catchy “If You Wanna Keep My Love” (with Jon Park-Wheeler), and the Loretta Lynn inspired “Down At The Holiday Inn”. The final track is a scaled back, acoustic track “Free To Be Children”, a song inspired by Tracey’s love of family.

  1.   Alone
  2.   If You Wanna Keep My Love
  3.   Let Me Make It Up To You Tonight
  4.   Where Did Everybody Go?
  5.   Pick Up The Pieces
  6.   Down At The Holiday Inn
  7.   The Last Thing I Needed To Hear
  8.   You've Got Me Singing The Blues
  9.   When I'm Gone
  10.   Free To Be Children

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