Ray Villebrun & Red Blaze-Been Awhile
$15.00 CAD

Ray Villebrun & Red Blaze-Been Awhile

1.     Make Our Mamas Proud- Ray Villebrun2.     Man That Sits Alone- Ray Villebrun3.     Main Road- Ray Villebrun4.     Been Awhile- Ray Villebrun5.     Life On The Trapline- Ray Villebrun6.     In My blood- Ray Villebrun7.     Flowers- Ray Villebrun8.     Emotions- John Cooke9.     Yesterday- Ray Villebrun10.   Can I- Ray Villebrun11.   Things We Leave Behind- Ray Villebrun12.   Call For Warriors- Elmer Villebrun & Ray Villebrun

  1.   Man That Sits Alone (2.75)

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