Life Ain't Hard
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Life Ain't Hard

"Ray St Germain's new CD, Life Ain't Hard, is exciting, upbeat, lively - my toes tapped and I found myself in complete anticipation to hear what the next track would deliver. The title track, Life Ain’t Hard is fun and fresh – oozing strong vocals and arrangements – it is an honest, humerous perspective focusing on the simple pleasures of life, that had me play it over and over. I guarantee Ray St. Germain can expect lots of attention by his fans and radio DJ's."
John Gavin, Publisher
Atlantic Seabreeze

  1.   Mother Trucker's Son (2:27)
  2.   Let It Rain (3:45)
  3.   Life Ain't Hard (2:25)
  4.   We All Make Mistakes Sometimes (3:53)
  5.   'Cause I'm a Travelin' Man (2:14)
  6.   Daddy (4:15)
  7.   Too Blue for The Blues (3:00)
  8.   Blue Melody (3:35)
  9.   Where's My Lucy (3:07)
2003 – My Many Moods
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2003 – My Many Moods

"My Many Moods" came about when I was asked what kind of CD would I be releasing.  I enjoy all kinds of music, though I mostly sing and write Country and Gospel.  I especially like to write songs about my Metis heritage.  This CD has the original recording of the first song I ever wrote & recorded, "She's a Square" in 1958, and features jazz guitar legend, Lenny Breau.  It also holds some of the latest songs I've written.  So, this CD contains a little of everything that I like to write or sing about when the mood strikes me.  Enjoy!

 "My Many Moods" won Best Country Album at Indian Summer Music Awards in Milwaukee in 2004.

  1.   I'm Mighty Proud I'm Metis
  2.   For A Piece of Land
  3.   Conchita Kowalski
  4.   If It Don't Fit
  5.   Whatcha Gonna Call Me
  6.   Show Me the Way to Jerusalem
  7.   You'll Know that it's Me
  8.   Memories
  9.   The Metis
  10.   No More on the Outside
  11.   'Cause I'm a Travelin' Man
  12.   She's a Square
  13.   We Got Nothin'
  14.   Dynamite Woman
  15.   Sweet Innocence
2007 – Show Me the Way to Jerusalem
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2007 – Show Me the Way to Jerusalem

I hope you enjoy this CD as much as my wife, Glory and I did putting it together. We were looking at the video of our trip to the Holyland, Jerusalem back in 1985. We produced a show for the Canadian Armed Forces where our troops were asked to be peacekeepers.  Not only did we perform for the troops , we  also got to see Bethlehem where Jesus was born, The River Jordan where Jesus was baptized by John , The Way Of The Cross where our saviour fell several times while carrying the Cross, plus so many other holy places.After watching the video, I picked up my Bible, read a bit, then picked up my guitar and wrote “Show Me the Way to Jerusalem”.  There are five Gospel songs on this CD that I wrote.  The others are some of our favorites.Somebody once asked me “How do you get the inspiration to write Gospel songs?”   I replied “ Read the Book” May the good Lord bless you, Ray St. Germain

  1.   Show Me the Way to Jerusalem
  2.   You'll Never Walk Alone
  3.   Please Please Help Me
  4.   My Bible, This Church and You
  5.   Help Me
  6.   Old Rugged Cross
  7.   You'll Know That It's Me
  8.   Peace in the Valley
  9.   Do Lord
  10.   No More on the Outside
  11.   Amazing Grace
2005 – Ray St. Germain Family Christmas
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2005 – Ray St. Germain Family Christmas

'Tis the season to share a few of our favorite Christmas songs with you.  Thanks to my son David (D.J.) for producing this CD.  Through his perseverance he managed to get all my children into the studio at one time or another, which was not an easy task since they live  all over North America.  You will hear my children Chrystal, Cathy, Ray Jr., David and Sherry,  grandson Jeff and grandaughter Catie. It also features 3 wonderful songs that I wrote with my wife Glory.  From our family to yours,  Merry Christmas

  1.   Here Comes Santa Claus
  2.   Winter Wonderland
  3.   I'll be Home for Christmas
  4.   I Lost One Reindeer*
  5.   Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  6.   Little Drummer Boy
  7.   Christmas's of Long Ago*
  8.   Frosty the Snowman
  9.   Jingle Bell Rock
  10.   Silent Night
  11.   Blue Christmas
  12.   Jingle Bells
  13.   I'm Missing You this Christmas
  14.   O Holy Night
  15.   Silver Bells
  16.   Angels We Have Heard on High
Ray's Book
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Ray's Book

After a Lifetime

...of singing, entertaining, producing and hosting television shows, Ray decided to share his life experiences. Known as 'Winnipeg's Elvis' at fifteen years old and by sixteen quitting school to join the Hal Lone Pine band; this was just the beginning. His first single record released She's A Square made number seven out of the top ten songs on CKY's Hit Parade. A young Metis boy growing up in St. Vital, he went on to produce songs such as I'm Mighty Proud I'm Metis and The Metis, proclaiming his pride in his culture and heritage.

Ray has opened his personal photo album and heart to readers providing an insight into his career and family. An intimate, behind the scenes look at life in the entertainment industry.

Ray's warm, easy-going and fun loving personality shines through every chapter. 'A picture is worth a thousand words' and this book includes a beautiful color photo gallery to compliment each chapter of his life.

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Ray St. Germain Productions Ltd. 57 Henday Bay Winnipeg, MB R3K 0S4 Canada (204) 832-3800 P
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