1 in 4 CD's Sold are from the Internet

Need a simple and easy way to sell your music and merchandise to your fans World-Wide?

is the answer for you.

How it Works

Register with MusicMax.ca and list the artist(s) and merchandise you wish to sell. Set your own prices, handling fees, upload and update pictures, bios and mp3s. We issue a link to place on your website connecting you and your fans to MusicMax.ca. Ship your merchandise, update your store front and add new merchandise. We do the rest. No hassle and don’t worry about payment transactions, marketing and accurate shipping. We let you focus on what matters. Your Music!!

What Can I Sell?

You can sell just about anything (that’s legal) through MusicMax.ca! CDs, pictures, shirts, fan memberships, subscriptions and concert tickets. MusicMax.ca is the most versatile merchandise site on the web.

How Do My Fans Get from My Site to MusicMax.ca?

Once your store front is set-up we issue you a unique link to place on your website redirecting fans from your site to your page on MusicMax.ca. Your fans can begin shopping immediately.

How Do I Manage my Merchandise?

Once you have registered with MusicMax.ca you will receive a unique Shipper ID password which allows you to enter the administrative side of your storefront. There you can set up and manage your store front. Adding, deleting merchandise, pictures, mp3’s, and updating bios all at the click of a mouse.

What if I Manage or Have More than one Artist? Do I need to Pay a Set Up Fee for Each?

No, this site works perfect for labels or managers who work with more than one artist. Once registered with MusicMax.ca you can sign in and create as many artists with their own merchandise sales as you wish.

How Do I Get Paid From my Sales?

MusicMax.ca pays out account balances on a monthly basis on accounts with a balance owing of $50 or more. For accounts with less, the amounts accumulate and are paid out when the balance reaches $50 or upon request.

How Do I keep Track of My Sales?

MusicMax.ca provides a convenient and private online administrative area where you can review your orders, items to be shipped, account balances and generate daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports. MusicMax.ca also sends a weekly report of sales and items yet to be shipped, so you will always be able to keep track of your sales.

Who Ships My Merchandise?

There are 2 shipping methods:

You can store and ship your merchandise. MusicMax.ca is directly integrated into the Canada Post Online Shipping Module so exact postage rates are calculated for anywhere in the world and applied to your shipment. Whether you are selling down the street or half way around the world you will never have to worry if you have enough postage.

Send your merchandise to MusicMax.ca and we will ship for you. Even if we ship you can still view all your sales reports.

How Do I keep Track of Shipments?

When an order is placed a receipt is automatically generated and emailed to you and the customer. Your email will indicate merchandise to be shipped and applicable shipping arrangements. Once you ship the merchandise, at the press of a button, you can email your customer a notice of shipment. Sending your customer a shipping notice will remove that order from the “to be shipped list”.

What Is My Handling Fee?

A fee charged to your customer covering the cost of envelopes, packaging and time for shipping your merchandise. You set the handling fee (typically $2-$3 per transaction). The handling fee is added to the postage and shows to the customer as one shipping and handling fee.

Is the Credit Card Information Secure?

All credit card transactions are secure using 128 bit SSL encryption. Transactions are approved online using IBM’s Payment Gateway system. You will know instantly whether transactions are approved or not.

What Types of Payments are Accepted?

Customers can pay by Visa or MasterCard.

What about GST

GST is charged on all Canadian-bound orders; USA and International orders are exempt. If you collect GST, then the GST will be passed along to you for remittance. When you register you will be asked for your GST number. Otherwise, O’Reilly International will submit all GST collected.

What Does It Cost?

The cost associated with a MusicMax.ca store front is as follows:

One-Time Setup Fee
Commission Deducted
Artist Ship $50.00 $1 per transaction + 15% of merchandise and handling fee.
MusicMax.ca Ship $50.00 $2 per transaction + 20% of merchandise fee.
All charges are subject to GST.

Artist Ship:

$15 CD + $2 handling + $1.60 Shipping = $18.60 Total
MusicMax.ca commission: (15% x ($15 + $2)) + 1 = $3.55

MusicMax.ca Ship:

$15 CD + $2 handling + $1.60 Shipping = $18.60 Total
MusicMax.ca commission: (20% x $15) + $2 = $5.00

How do I sign up?

Click here to set-up your MusicMax.ca account, or contact O'Reilly International at 647-723-2120 ext. 2 to get started. You can be selling merchandise easily and effectively within five minutes.

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